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A New Look For The Buffalo Buyers Club!

A New Look For The Buffalo Buyers Club!

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing, loyal customers. You make it possible for us to do what we love - supply sustainably-raised, healthy, delicious local meats to our community! Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, and understanding throughout the years.

Secondly, we have some exciting news! We are upgrading our Buffalo Buyers Club to a new, more user-friendly format. Previously, members would receive a gift card once per year based on their previous year's purchases. Now, anyone who has a loyalty card and shops in-store may receive 10% off on their fourth visit! Just remember to bring your card with you each time.

Why did we upgrade our loyalty program? For a few reasons:

Get your rewards faster - instead of waiting a whole year, see your rewards materialize more quickly and on your timeline!

Tangible rewards - instead of wondering when your gift card was coming, and wondering how much you'd get, you now know exactly when you'll get your discount.

Plan and save big! - plan your shopping list around your rewards! Because you will know when you get your discount, you can plan to make big purchases, like meat packages, cases, or holiday meals, when your discounts will kick in.

Easy - no need to sign up, just grab a card at our farm store and you are now a member!

Stop into the farm store and pick up your rewards card today! The more you visit, the more you save.

Things to remember:

This card is good for in-store purchases only. Shop online to redeem your online store points!

The card must be presented each time a purchase is made in order to count.

10% discount applies to all purchases except CSA Shares. The discount does apply to meat packages and cases - these items are already 5% off, so an additional 5% discount will be applied for a total of 10% off.

It's more than just buffalo! This discount applies to anything you would like to purchase.
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