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Buffalo (Bison) Meat

Our buffalo are raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. They are fed a natural diet of grasses and occasional treats such as apples. The buffalo are raised on pasture and are not force-fed.

Buffalo Meat is lower in fat than chicken. It has only 2.42 grams of fat per serving, with only 1 gram of saturated fat. The calories, cholesterol, and sodium are also very low. Buffalo Meat has a high level of protein and iron. Many Doctors have recommended buffalo for their patients because of its health benefits.

Buffalo Nutritional Comparisons

Buffalo meat tastes like a high grade of lean beef. It does not have a "gamey" taste.

Per 100 grams of cooked meat:
Bison meat contains 2.42 grams of fat, 143 calories, and 82 milligrams of cholesterol.
Beef: 9.28 grams of fat, 211 calories, and 86 milligrams of cholesterol.
Pork: 9.66 grams of fat, 212 calories, 86 milligrams of cholesterol.
Chicken (skinless): 7.41 grams of fat, 190 calories, 89 milligrams of cholesterol.