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Recharge Your Batteries With Grounding

Recharge Your Batteries With Grounding

We are energy collectors and consumers. This helps our body and immune system work properly.

Yup, you heard it right, our bodies are batteries, and we are negatively charged. Just as a battery needs to be charged, so do we.

When parts of our body touch the earth, free electrons (negative charge) enter our bodies. These enter the body and pair with positively charged free radicals, which neutralize the body. Free radicals can damage cells causing illness and aging, as they are unstable atoms. They are a natural and normal process in our bodies, but they need to be dealt with.

It's connecting to the earth's natural energy. Free electrons from the earth flow into your body via the soles of your bare feet and through your tissues. Essentially, you are maintaining your body at the same negatively charged earth.

By connecting to the earth it quells inflammation through the transfer of negatively charged electrons from the surface of the earth into the body where electrons neutralize positively charged destructive free radicals known for their relationship with chronic inflammation.

As always, focus on nature first. Get outside, and walk barefoot. The grass, earth, lakes and the sea are best. A minimum of 40 minutes a day is the first option, or the second option is to supplement with biohacking tools like grounding (earthing) mats. Ground as much as you like all day/night long.

Our shoes, specifically all those rubber soles insulate us from the earth, so we don't get the same amount of grounding as we used to when all human beings were barefoot. Keep in mind, being on your deck or in your house does not count. You must be in direct contact with the grass, sea, or lake. Being completely submerged in water is awesome!

Just a few of the many benefits of grounding include:

-Reducing inflammation
-Reducing chronic pain
-Improving sleep
-Increasing energy
-Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
-Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
-Normalizing blood pressure and blood flow
-Reducing jet lag
-Protecting the body from the effects of EMFs

And before you ask, YES you can measure it! A simple Multimeter does it. When we are grounded our body voltage comes back down to 0.00. So get a meter and measure yourself. There is a fast physiological response to being grounded.

Personally, I make every effort to spend time barefoot whenever possible as a nature-first biohack. After that I supplement with fun tools like a queen-sized grounding mat on my bed, and a thicker more padded grounding mat on my living room floor for stretching, exercises, and meditating. I also have one for my pillow that doubles as a seated pad or for my standing desk.

Also a fantastic book on the topic for those who want to take a deeper dive:
Earthing - The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! by Martin Zucker

Here at the farm, it's easy to "stack" my biohacks, for example laying in the grass getting grounded while I get some sunlight, and doing my breathing exercises, meditation, or gratitude lists. More posts on these biohacks to come!

Biohacking works!

Ginger Snow
Operations Director
Primal Health Coach
Professional Tackle Football Player (retired)

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