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For the Love of Farming

For the Love of Farming

My passion and purpose continues to be anchors for our farming practices. Today 3 new Scottish Highland calves were born. New life, greening pastures, and warmer weather fuels the passion and purpose.

I was recently interviewed about our farming practices and their effect on the environment and climate. My answer is always the same… healthy soils = healthy grasses = healthy animals = healthy humans = healthy environment = healthy climate. All are part of our Holistic vision of how to farm responsibly and ethically. Sure… we don’t have a perfect system yet and often find ourselves having to pivot due to weather or other, but trying to be a bit better each day is at the forefront of our actions.

Often you hear about how raising beef negatively impacts the environment. Feedlot beef certainly does, not to mention their health and ours. But, what many might not know is that beef (and buffalo) are more of a holistic system than one might think. When raised on healthy pastures, a cow's built-in composting systems allow for proper and natural fertilization, dumping essential nutrients back into the soils which helps grow nutritional grasses, thus creating healthy animals and nutritional meat for all of us.

This Earth Day, we will continue to make sure our farming practices are adding to, not taking from Mother Earth in efforts to create harmony. As farmers, we welcome and rely on this harmony.

For more information about using livestock for regenerative farming practices, check out The Savory Institute

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