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CSA Meat Subscription Box

Single, Double, Family

All sizes and preference, get started today by clicking the product image below.

Welcome to our Monthly Meat CSA program!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA's offer local residents access to high-quality, locally grown fresh products (and/or meat) from local or regional farmers. A "share" is purchased by "members" who visit the farm or local pick up to pick up their "share" for their season. The items are bagged or boxed up ready for each pickup or delivery.

Single, Double and Family Shares now all available in the one product below. Click the image below to get started!

Meat CSA Subscription

from $149.00

Unit price

Meat CSA Process

Choose which meats and farm-fresh foods you would like, choose the size for your needs and if you would like pickup or shipping. Each month you will receive one share. Shares are billed on the date you sign up. And your share will be ready to pick up or be shipped within that same week.

You will receive a combination of less expensive and more expensive cuts each month.

CSA Pickup Options and Locations

Pick up is at Yankee Farmer's Market in Warner, NH, or Pitcher Mountain Farm in Stoddard, NH.

All other pick up locations have been discontinued as of May 30th.

We also offer UPS shipping direct to your home or office for a flat fee of $15 for UPS Ground. All other UPS shipping (Next Day or 2nd Day will be billed at the actual cost of UPS live shipping rates, plus a small container fee cost.)

Meat CSA Cost

Single: $149 /month
Double: $259 /month
Family: $399 /month

Meat CSA Contents

Your choice of Buffalo, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Wild US Haddock and Wild Alaskan Salmon. You will receive all the typical cuts you see on our website. As a rule, you will not receive anything obscure like organs or bones. Also, we will always attempt to curate your cuts to be "seasonal", so for example, more stews and roasts in the winter, and grillable type items in the summer. This is not hard and fast, as all items are available all the time, and is always dependent on stock.

Changes and updates

This is a true CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). In the spirit of that we request few or no customizations. Please remember...the CSA program thrives when the farmer is able to have utmost autonomy in choosing cuts based on the meat harvest for that month. The more flexibility the farmer has, the more value and offerings they are able to bring back to the CSA customer. Creating the perfect circular ecosystem of sustainability for all everyone involved. Thank you in advance!

We currently do not charge extra for customizations (like many Meat Subscriptions out there), so to continue this we ask that if your CSA has more than 3 customizations, please just place a regular order from the website (instead of a CSA), or contact us and we will place you on a recurring order that fits your needs.

Any changes to your CSA must be sent over to us with this form.  We encourage you to use this form minimally and judiciously. If there are no changes we will use your last known preferences. Changes must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before your subscription is shipped.

Meat CSA Benefits

1. You’re supporting your local community – it’s no secret that many of our local meat producers are being pushed out by larger scale, commercial farmers. The best way to show your support is to put your money where your mouth is…literally.

2. It encourages more quality, healthy meat consumption – You kind of have no excuse to not eat quality meat when it is showing up on your doorstep each week. We love making smart choices with our food quality around here, but if it's not in the house we’re less likely to eat healthy. We make it easy, so no more excuses now!

3. Stuck in a meat rut? You get to experiment with different types of meat – It's easy to get stuck in a meat rut and eat the same things over and over. Having someone pick things for you (or at least the option of having them pick for you) encourages you to try things you normally wouldn’t. Without our CSA many customers would never have discovered how much they love shaved steak or osso bucco!

4. It saves you money – With every dollar you spend, earns you BUFF BUCKS that goes right back into your account through our Buffalo Buyers Club to use for future (non-CSA) purchases, saving you money.

5. Convenience- Two pick up locations as well as shipping direct to your door to make it as easy and convenient as possible.


"Awesome! Beautiful store full of local products! Beautiful and Friendly Buffalo right outside, it was amazing. Everyone working there was as friendly as could be, including the farm dog Eli! An hour drive for that is nothing, we will be back soon!"
H. Lundgren

"We have been buying buffalo from Yankee Farmer's Market since the beginning. They delivered to our home in Manchester nh. So glad they are still in business because we are back to buffalo again after some years and love everything we purchase."
- D. Steady

"Highly recommend their meat. It's as healthy as you can get. Definitely taste the difference. Sign up for their CSA, you won't be sorry!"
- P. Coughlin

"Working with Yankee Farmer's Market has been SUCH a wonderful experience. They are so easy to work with, quick to respond and treat our clients with respect. They have been flexible in changing orders, they are punctual with their drop off, the meat is packaged professionally and most importantly, their product is clean, cost-effective and delicious. Their onboarding process is simple and takes almost no time. Ordering is easy for the clients. I cannot say enough about how easy and beneficial this has been for Get Fit NH."
- Meagan Sbat, Owner of GetFit NH

"As the Co-founder of Dynamic Natural Athletes LLC, I have coached and trained many individuals ranging from professional and competitive athletes to very novice individuals starting a health and fitness program. No matter how experienced you are and how long you spend in the gym, if you don’t have the right fuel to feed your body, you may be lucky and get barely satisfactory results in the 1st 4 weeks. “Why” my clients/ gym members ask, “am I stuck?” My response always: You can own a Lamborghini, but if you put sand in it, it will not go anywhere. As a professional athlete, I speak from personal experience; 85% of your success to a fitter, stronger, and healthier you is good clean nutrition- ESPECIALLY good healthy protein. I became a client of Yankee Farmer’s Market in 2010. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have referred every single client of mine, as well as many friends and family members to get their healthy protein at the Yankee Farmer’s Market. When you see the results, the choice is very clear. So if you are on the fence about Yankee Farmer’s Market, JUMP. You will never look back and you may never look at grocery store meat ever again."
- Dr. Laleh Talebian, Ph.D., Owner of Dynamic Natural Athletes