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Fat, Fat, Glorious Fat!

Fat, Fat, Glorious Fat!

Fat, tallow, suet, lard - whatever you call it, if you live on a farm it is plentiful and has 1,000 uses from frying the best fries ever to making your own soap. It is super flavorful for cooking, but mild enough when rendered for use in soapmaking or other crafts. Fat is an essential part of a human diet, so why not get the tastiest fat you can find?

Read below for ideas on how and why to use animal fats in your everyday life.

 7 Great Cooking Fats - Ranked! - No surprise, beef tallow is on the list! Buffalo tallow also makes an excellent cooking fat and is similar to beef tallow.

How to Render Tallow - Learn how to render your tallow (beef fat) to make it into an easily accessible fat for cooking or crafts.

How to Make Homemade Bird Suet - 6 Recipe Ideas - Birders, homeschool parents, and teachers take note! This craft is fun and easy, and a great way for students to learn about nature, ecosystems, measuring, and cooking.

How to Make Soap from Animal Fat + Properties of Different Fats - Learn all about soapmaking here, plus an in-depth guide to different kinds of animal fat and for what purpose they are best used.

Why I Make Homemade Soap with Locally Sourced Tallow - Tips, tricks, advice, and perspectives on utilizing local resources.

Tallow Butter - Mmmmm. Butter, plus the health benefits of local tallow! Pro tip - make your own butter from local cream for extra homesteader points!

Make sure to stop into our farm store or jump online to order your beef or buffalo tallow! Our animals are all locally and sustainably raised, so you can be sure of a high-quality product (we use it ourselves - see this post about rendering tallow!).

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