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5 Reasons to Buy in Bulk Locally

5 Reasons to Buy in Bulk Locally

Why buy in bulk? We all know it can save you money, but how? And is it still true if you buy local products?

Discounts - It's the time-honored law of buying in bulk - they more you buy, the more you save.

Stick to your budget - Ever been grocery shopping when you are hungry? Those impulse buys can really add up. If you eliminate the need to even go to the grocery store, you can avoid all those purchase you may not really need. Just shop out of your freezer! That way, you know your budget will be in great shape.

Lock in lower prices - No one wants to hear it, but inflation isn't going away. If you buy in bulk, you'll avoid any future price increases and lock in those sale prices!

Support the local economy - Remember when food shortages meant that you couldn't find any chicken or eggs or ground beef in the grocery store? That is usually not an issue for smaller, local farms and food producers. The supply chain is much shorter with local food, and thus there are fewer opportunities for something to go wrong. Plus, it never hurts to support your neighbors!

Prepare for shortages - Rest easy knowing your food supply is within your control. Stock your freezer well (don't forget the generator!) and dine like a champion, no matter what is happening on the shelves of the grocery store.

Our Meat Packages are always discounted. Plus, we are happy to customize them to your liking! We can usually have your package ready to go in 24-48 hours. Shop online now, or give us a call at 603-456-2833 to talk about your bulk buying needs.


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