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At the crossroads of:
“We are Rooting for a Better Tomorrow”
Brian and Keira Farmer, Founders

Holistic Roots exists at the crossroads of agriculture, conservation, learning, sustainability, and wellness. It is our hope that our facilities at Pitcher Mountain Farm become a place for the community to explore, experience, enjoy, and learn about the interconnectedness of these topics.

Officially founded in 2023, Holistic Roots has been on the minds of founders Keira and Brian Farmer for years. We have big plans. We want to build stronger communities and a stronger connection with foods and farming through our agricultural and experiential programming. As a new nonprofit organization, we will start with the essentials:
  • Begin a series of educational workshops at the farm, and off-site, related to agriculture, health, wellness, conservation, and sustainability.
  • Host awareness events to inform our community of our mission and spread the word about our work.
  • Develop a network of like-minded individuals and organizations.

Five-year plan:
  • Continuing to develop opportunities for the public to learn from, and enjoy Pitcher Mountain Farm.
  • Invest in our own fiscal independence.
  • Renovate the historic farmhouse on the property and develop for community events and stays.

Thank you for Supporting Holistic Roots!
We couldn’t do it without you!

Your support promotes:
  • Programming related to agriculture, conservation, learning, sustainability, & wellness in southern New Hampshire.
  • Food security and food sourcing for our regional community,
  • Historical preservation of farm buildings and infrastructure.
  • Fiscal independence for Holistic Roots