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Prices start at $65/bale. Delivery is available! Call (603) 456-2833 or email us for more information.

 Hay for sale Hay for sale

Cordwood for sale - (Warner) - We have some seasoned 4ft. cordwood available (about 5-8 cords). $200/cord. Easy location for load out. Mixed wood, a lot of Oak and maple. Our farm accepts credit cards or cash. Call (603) 456-2833 or email us for more information.

 Cordwood for sale

Buffalo Breeding Stock
Animals are available for purchase. Prices start at $1400.

Probably the biggest question about farming buffalo is its profitability. We have 20 years of experience in the buffalo industry and have been farming full-time for 25 years. Buffalo farming can and will be very profitable if you work at it. We find that there are three major ways to make money in this business…..

Buffalo meat is an incredible product; low in fat, and cholesterol and tastes great. People love it because of its taste, nutrition, and organic qualities. It is our main focus here at Yankee Farmer's Market. We retail meat out of our farm. Wholesale meat to restaurants, meat markets, and health food stores, and sell to local distributors.

We also have a mail-order online store from which we sell meat and ship it all over the country. Yankee Farmer's Market has a list of over 3,000 customers that have tried, liked, and purchased buffalo meat.

In addition, we also have a concession trailer which we use for events. The reality of the business is that we probably spend 85 % of our day promoting, marketing, and selling meat, and 15% farming. The reason? Buffalo are easy to raise and very low maintenance. Call (603) 456-2833 or email us for more information.

Registered Pitcher Mountain Farm Scottish Highland Cattle
Beautiful Registered Scottish Highland Cows, Bulls, and calves are available for purchase. This breed is low maintenance, hearty, and will clean up any overgrown pasture. Call (603) 456-2833 or email us for more information.

 Scottish Highland Cattle for sale

Buffalo Farming with You!
Yankee Farmer's Market has helped many get their start in buffalo farming. From farm planning to business plans, we will help you to achieve your farm goals. We have over 20 years of experience in buffalo farming. Whether you would like to do it as a business, hobby, to feed your family great meat year-round, or for some additional income, Yankee Farmer's Market can help.

We always have a wide variety of top-quality, unrelated, buffalo available. Our animals are bred for their size, quality, and disposition. We are able to feed the animals right out of our hands and are frequently in the pasture with them.

Buffalo require very little maintenance. They are hearty animals and rarely get sick. Shelter is nice for them, but not necessary. They are great foragers and will eat down any overgrown pastures. Our buffalo eat high-quality hay and are on pasture in the summer. Call (603) 456-2833 or email us for more information.