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Hack Your Cooking with the Instant Pot

Hack Your Cooking with the Instant Pot

With buffalo we often use the saying, half the heat, half the time. With the Instant Pot it's 10x the speed and 1/10th the time! Cooking has never been high on the list of things I like to do. I'm not bad at it (thanks to my sister who is a fabulous cook!), but I have no interest and no desire to take my time doing it.

Enter the Instant Pot! I heard about this from friends and it sounded right up my alley. No fuss, no mess and amazing food done in so little time, well, it's laughable.

It's like a crockpot on crack! This is no Shawshank "pressure and time", rather, this is straight up "pressure and heat". It takes a few minutes to get up to full pressure, then starts the actual cook time. After than the pressure releases and voila! The secret is the liquid, which is always required. The Insta Pot uses this steam, and and heat puts it under incredible pressure to cook the food. This is not grammas pressure cooker! It's safe and secure with a locking mechanism and steam release valve should you want to speed up the final pressure release.

A true biohackers dream! Easy, fast, versatile, and sneaky as hell because the food comes out tasting like I actually have some sort of clue what I'm doing.

You can use any of the pre-set buttons for chicken, rice, stew, etc. Or set your own time manually. It's basically dummy proof, which works great for me!

That of course begs the next it any good? Holy buffalo is it good! Fall off the bone tender, juicy and tasty. Something about the way the food is put under pressure that makes it so tender.

Things I've cooked with it include BBQ Pulled Pork (Cushion), Pork Baby Back Ribs, Whole Chicken, Chicken Legs, White Rice, Acorn Squash, Bone Broth made from Buffalo Bones and I'm experimenting more all the time.

I happened to come by my Insta Pot from a Christmas present, but they can be found in most major kitchen appliance stores and of course, Amazon.

They come in at least 3 different sizes. I think I have the 8 quart, I love that because it fits one whole big ass chicken! Protein for a week in no time flat!

Come to find out 4 of us staff here at the farm have them and love them! AND, we use it for making most of our delicious samples! Including the Buffalo Tongue.

Bon Appétit!

Ginger Snow

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