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Guild Building - Grapes, Flowers, & More!

Guild Building - Grapes, Flowers, & More!

Feast on native Concord grapes, fill your vases with blooms, and boost your backyard biodiversity!

You can use permaculture techniques to increase your garden's yield, create wildlife habitats, and lower your workload. In this "guild," as they are called, plants work together naturally to create a beneficial micro-environment. For example, the perennial lupines, which are native to the Northeast, fix nitrogen in the soil - in other words, they create their own fertilizer. The native Concord grapes benefit from this permanent fertilizing plant. Plus, the gladiolus and the chives both suppress weeds, while providing delicious herbs and the most gorgeous flowers. Yarrow, a beautiful flower that attracts pollinators, has long tap roots which pull up nutrients from deep in the soil and deposit them in the topsoil, where they become available to the other plants in the guild. Roman chamomile fulfills a similar function, while also providing flowers for a calming and tasty tea, and covering the ground to discourage weed growth. The nasturtiums will also provide some ground cover, and yield piquant edible blossoms and leaves.

This simple, cost-effective plant guild only takes up about 7.5 square feet, but will provide food, blooms, and biodiversity for years to come! If you are interested in unique approaches to gardening that are low maintenance, bountiful, and beautiful, learn more at

Katie Malloy
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