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Growing A Giant Pumpkin! Part 2

Growing A Giant Pumpkin! Part 2

Our giant pumpkin seedlings are already giant! They were started just over a week ago, and have already outgrown their soil block. Yesterday, they were transplanted into a larger container. Once a week, they will be getting an infusion of fish emulsion - stinky stuff, but great for plants! This gives them the nitrogen boost they need for a great head start. They are also growing underneath full spectrum LED grow lights - thus the spooky pink glow. Cucurbits (the plant family that includes pumpkins, melons, and cucumbers) don't like to have their roots disturbed, so gentle handling is important as well as ensuring they have a container that is large enough that they won't outgrow it.
How much bigger will they be next week?! Check back in to see our GIANT pumpkin's progress!

Katie Malloy
Retail Store Manager
Landscape Designer,

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