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Book Club - Homesteading

Book Club - Homesteading

There are so many great books out there on gardening and starting a homestead but The Rooted Life by Justin Rhodes is by far my favorite. Whether you have an apartment or hundreds of acres. You will learn to grow your own food and raise chickens for eggs and meat! The photos are beautiful and he is funny and very honest.

Justin has been a long time Youtube homestead sensation. He has so much great information and learned a lot from his mentor Joel Salatin. He started his small farm with very little money and learned so much along the way that he decided to share his success and failures.

If you are looking to grow your own food, depend less on the grocery store and save money, this book is for you! I highly recommend his Youtube channel and also his Abundance Plus membership. There he has a ton of bonus material on everything from raising animals, building plans and gardening. There is even a community with many groups you can join and connect with others in the area or all over the world!

Buy Justin's Book HERE

Happy Homesteading!
Brigitte Gutgesell

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