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Our Viral Sensation Pitcher Mountain Diego

Our Viral Sensation Pitcher Mountain Diego

Diego arrived on a cold and snowy NH morning. But a snowy day on the farm didn't stop the birth of this little Scottish highland calf!

Because he was soaking wet from his birth, and temps were low, we brought him inside to be dried off. If you watch the video of him, you will see a hair dryer which we used to dry him quickly.

Within 1/2 hour he was back with his Momma, Elvira, and out in the pasture with his new friend. He is happy and healthy, drinking Mom's milk...which is always best!

Pitcher Mtn.Diego will spend the next couple of months wintering here and then will head out with the herd to our summer pasture at Pitcher Mountain Farm. As of late March his facebook video views were at 16 million!

 Stay tuned for more updates on Diego and the entire herd.

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