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Grass-Fed - What’s the Big Deal?

Grass-Fed - What’s the Big Deal?

We are proud to raise 100% grass-fed beef here at Yankee Farmer’s Market! Our herd (or fold, as they are traditionally called back in the old country) of Scottish Highland cows graze on pasture year-round at picturesque Pitcher Mountain Farm in Stoddard, NH. This gorgeous piece of land not only has excellent 360-degree views, it also boasts excellent pasture for our shaggy, herbivorous beasts. 

What does grass-fed mean to us? Our beef are 100% grass-fed, which means they eat nothing but pasture grasses and hay their entire lives (hay is just dried pasture grass). No grain, no filler, nothin' but grass...and maybe an occasional veggie or fruit snack if they have been exceptionally good little cows. What is the big deal with grass-fed beef? Why does it matter? Let us help - we will lay out our top 5 reasons for choosing to raise grass-fed beef:

  1. Water conservation - Grass-fed management systems of cattle generally rely on natural rainfall to keep pastures irrigated (at least in the temperate Northeast). Aside from the herd’s need to drink water, this is generally the only water needed to keep this system going. 
  2. Preservation of ecosystems - Cows which graze on well-managed pasture can actually help maintain and even restore fragile local ecosystems. Biodiversity and a robust ecosystem are integral to successful sustainable agriculture, because nature really knows what it’s about - Mother Earth has got it figured out, and the less we intervene, the better. Providing a wealth of different plants, animals, insects, and fungi means healthier soil, watersheds, forests, and even grazing land for cattle, which benefits everyone in the area.
  3. Improved soil health - Cows are basically fertilizer machines. They take nutrient-rich pasture grasses and convert them into a powerful, all-natural fertilizer (poop), which they then spread over the fields, and work into the soil with their powerful hooves. No need for machinery or harsh chemical fertilizers in a grass-fed pasture system - the cows do the majority of the work!
  4. Nutritional benefits - Grass-fed cows munch all day on pasture grasses, which are rich in nutrients and vitamins. How do you think they get so big, just eating grass?? It’s good stuff, when managed correctly. Grass-fed beef tends to have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for heart health & inflammation. In addition, grass-fed beef is often richer in nutrients and vitamins due to the diverse diet of the animals. 
  5. Dignity - We believe in a life of dignity for all animals. Isn’t it nicer to live out your days on a beautiful stretch of pasture, eating grass all day, then cooped up in a feedlot with no space and no sunlight? We think so.

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