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Eating (& Drinking) Seasonally

Eating (& Drinking) Seasonally

One of the best things about spring in New England is the bounty of food, flowers, and sunshine coming soon....but not quite yet. But even before the spring veggies are ready, there are still lots of seasonal goodies to be had.

Lilacs (the state flower of NH!) is a delicious seasonal delicacy. Harvest these purple and white blooms in May to make lilac simple syrup for a delectable drink with a light floral taste. Or, try your hand at seasonal baking with this recipe for lilac blossom scones. You can also infuse sugar with the delicate aroma of lilacs. To make lilac-infused sugar, just take the lilac blossoms off the stem, mix them with white sugar, and let sit in the refrigerator for 2 days to a week. Then, sift the sugar to remove the blossoms, and use to sprinkle over baked goods, rim glasses for lilac-inspired cocktails, or stir into your morning tea for an extra floral boost.

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