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Compost - Black Gold

Compost - Black Gold

Compost - the solution to many questions. Is your soil too acidic? Add compost. Is your soil too sandy? Add compost. Is your soil too clayey? Add compost. Lacking organic material? Add compost. Need a nitrogen boost? Add compost.

This "black gold" is made from natural products that are recycled through decomposition into something valuable. It happens naturally, as when fall leaves decompose to add to the rich layer of hummus under trees in the forest, but you can learn to do it yourself, too. Learn more about the details of composting here. While compost is almost always a great addition to the garden, nothing beats a soil test!

Helpful compost tip - gardens like to eat a varied diet, just like us. Different kinds of mulch, different kinds of natural soil amendments (alfalfa meal, fish emulsion, kelp meal, etc.), and different kinds of compost all help to build biodiversity in your soil and your yard. Try our buffalo compost this year to switch up your garden routine, or make your own compost in your backyard!
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